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Hype your music

Created great tracks?
Let's hype them.

Promoting new music without a label support might be overwhelming.

You’re lucky – we have years  of experience in digital marketing and music business.

Level Hype can offer you wide range of marketing services, from one-time advertisement campaign to creating a full brand strategy and managing your PR and social media. Together, we’ll pick the best solution for your project, tailored to your needs and budget.

Let’s hype your music.

Music Promotion at Level Hype

Branding & Design Services

Design is one of the most important aspects of building and developing your brand. In order to appear in your future fans minds and sell your music, you need to have a logo and branded artworks that you can use for promotion and upload to stores.

Our expeirenced graphic designers and video editors will prepare full set of marketing assets for you, aligned with your vision and artistic voice as well as fitting newest trends and various technical requirements.

Online Presence

Internet is as deep as the ocean and you need to be everywhere if you want to be on the hype level. We will  submit your music to media and music blog contacts from our data base. We’ll help you create artist profiles, take care of copywriting, SEO and catchy visuals as well as prepare a Press Kit and press releases four your album premiere.

Next to blogs and thematic media, the main channels for expanding your presence are Social Media. We have experience in driving real, organic traffic to boost Instagram and Facebook profiles. We’ll help you prepare all the materials and content calendar.

E-mail Campaigns

Reaching out directly to music influencers, podcasters, journalists and DJs is the most effective way to gain a momentum and promote your new album. We have our own contact base of over 5000 music professionals from all over the world, who are waiting for fresh promo tracks and news about rising artists.

We can include e-mail campaigns in your marketing strategy or offer one time campaigns whenever you want to sent out the word about your new creations. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Event Promotion and Booking

Getting your tracks out there is just part of promoting your music. The most important aspect is to keep performing live and stay in contact with your audience.

Years of experience in event organization and promotion give us all the proper channels to reach out to those clubs and festivals you want to be a part of. With contacts all over the Europe, we can help you with reaching out to bookers, venue managers and labels to push your music career on the right track.

Let’s hype your music

We’ll plan and execute the optimal marketing and PR strategy that fits your budget.